Tubulator. Media downloader and browser.
Download and convert to convenient video formats or MP3.
The easiest way to download from YouTube and similar sites.

The trial is fully functional. When trial ends, you will still be able to use the application, but number of downloads per session will be limited.

Download Video
Download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Vube (much more to come!) to view offline on your computer, tablet, TV or phone. Let’s face it: Waiting for a video to load is just plain annoying. Just click a download button in Tubulator 2, and you have a video (or ten, or twenty, or…) to watch later – when it suits you, where it suits you – without the need for a stable internet connection. HD video supported where available – even 4k resolution (Ultra HD) from YouTube.
Download Music
Download music from SoundCloud, extract audio from supported video sites, and add to your media player, MP3 player, phone or tablet. Automatically adds MP3 tags. Tubulator 2 optionally adds downloaded music to an iTunes playlist. More players to be supported soon.
Batch download
Download entire playlists or user uploads with one click. It’s really, really simple.
Converts to convenient formats to play directly in your favorite media player, TV or mobile device. Many mobile device sizes are supported. Tubulator converts to MP4, WMW or AVI/DivX. More formats are on their way.
Tubulator 2 is also an online media browser. Search by keywords, browse users and their uploads, playlists and favorites. Tubulator 2 has bookmarks, tabs and browsing history. Search multiple services at once. Just hit a download button when you see something you want to keep.
Plugin based
Tubulator 2 is plugin based. This means that you don’t need to update the entire application if support for a service is added or changed – just the relevant plugins, which is very, very fast. Many more service plugins are on their way. And it’s all handled completely automatic for you.
The old Java based version of Tubulator went online in 2010, and has served many, many users well. The new Tubulator 2 application is rewritten from the ground up in C++, and runs natively on Mac OS and Windows. I am dedicated to continue to provide an excellent downloading and browsing experience, as well as continuing having personal contact to Tubulator 2’s users and deliver a quick response in cases where technical support or guidance is needed.
Labour Of Love
I started building the original Tubulator application, because the existing tools out there did not suit my needs. They were either too clumsy, too unstable, too expensive or too limited in their functionality. I have downloaded a LOT of videos and music with the application during the time (instruction videos, documentaries, series, music that I simply can’t find anywhere else etc.), and I am not finished cramming functionality and convenience into this little beast that I call Tubulator 2.
Tubulator 2 is shareware
This means that you are strongly encouraged to purchase a license when the trial period is over. A lot of effort has been put into the application, and it is still under heavy development. If you like the application, please show your appreciation by purchasing a license – currently US$12.95. However, all hope is not lost when the trial is over. The application just locks itself down to only handling YouTube downloads and disabling batch downloads. Registering the application (entering a purchased license key) will give you the full functionality back.

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